Top 12 Amazing and Innovative Uses of Shipping Containers

Innovative Uses of Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are highly useful and versatile because not only are they used in the cargo industry, but they can also be used in various innovative ways.

You need to understand that a shipping container is nothing but an enclosed, portable room which can be converted into different structures from the inside.

This idea can offer a lot of benefits, so here we have mentioned top 12 innovative uses of shipping containers:

1. Restaurants and theatres

container Restaurants photo
Photo by nan palmero

Mobility, affordability and easy-to-build benefits are one of the main reasons. For this reason, many reputable brands like Starbucks, Puma and various others have invested in shipping containers for their restaurant spaces.

You may be wondering about how can a container be converted into a theatre, right?

Imagine a conventionally-designed stage and instead of having the traditional seating setup. The theatre has many creatively-modified containers for seating boxes.

Sounds appealing, right?

Container restaurants and theatres have become a popular trend in many places around the world.

2.  Schools

container school photo
Photo by andryn2006

Be it developing countries like South Africa or the developed countries like the United States, shipping containers are being used for one of the best causes and that is education.

Whether there is a limited number of classrooms or poor children need a place to learn, shipping containers are the best solution.

3.  Homes

container homes photo
Photo by etslee

Using shipping containers to build large and spacious home is yet another excellent alternative that has been in the trend for past few decades.

The reason why people prefer shipping containers is that they are far less expensive than buying a new home. They are easy to use and construct. They are environmentally friendly and are fire and flood proof, making them perfect for home building.

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4.  Hotels

Hotels made out of shipping containers are in line with current trends. These days people like seeing things being recycled, reused and adopted.

Shipping container hotels are fun and attract business just on the basis of appearance.

5.  Workspaces

container office photo
Photo by Sharon Hahn Darlin

Shipping containers were created to transport massive loads of stuff. Desks, chairs, documents, you name it these massive containers can store everything that is needed for a fully operational office.

Reusing shipping containers to create affordable, efficient and unique workspaces is a global trend these days. Some of the unique workspaces that have drawn the attention of the whole world are The Sugoroku Office in Japan, Pallotta TeamWorks in LA and many more.

Peaked your interest yet?

Well, with so many benefits to shipping container workspaces, we are sure that you will never gonna look at shipping containers in the same way again.

6.  Portable Toilets

container toilet photo
Photo by mikecogh

Toilets play an important play in our health. In any place where there are people, toilets are an essential fixture.

However, providing these services can be a little difficult especially in places where there is an irregular flow of human traffic.

Therefore, came portable toilets. As sanitary washroom facilities can be easily provided immediately at remote locations. Plus, portable toilets offer affordable yet hygienic washroom solution.

Reprocessing shipping containers into portable toilets are common in many places.

7.  Emergency Hospitals

container Hospitals photo
Photo by Valerie Everett

Shipping containers can be converted into mobile emergency hospitals. Just like they can be converted into homes, offices, hotels, nightclubs, theaters, swimming pools, stores or shelters.

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Hospitals built from shipping containers are true lifesavers because of their availability and modularity and they have become a noteworthy trend.

8.  Swimming Pools

Shipping containers are the perfect, easy and quick way to have your own backyard swimming pool.

It requires no planning permission, no digging, and no major work, shipping container swimming pools can be installed in no time. All you need to do is take out your swimsuit and enjoy swimming!

9.  Nurseries or Indoor Garden

Converting shipping containers into nurseries and farm is yet another innovative trend of utilizing cargo containers.

If you are a florist or botanist looking for that extra space, a shipping container can provide you that.

With the correct methods, you can transform a container into a practical, usable nursery or indoor garden. Create the proper ventilation and install the necessary lighting. You will be growing plants and flowers in your new indoor garden in no time.

10.              Garages and Car-parks

container Car-parks photo
Photo by laser2k

Don’t have enough space in your garage to store a car?

Looking for a storage solution?

Shipping container garages and car parks are a great alternative because of their size and resistant steel shell.

Purchasing a container is much cheaper than paying for a car storage facility which makes them a perfect permanent car storage solution.

Moreover, they are not only weatherproof and varmint-proof but also provide protection against vandalism and theft.

Therefore, shipping containers are a cost-efficient, durable and versatile alternative to a traditional garage. All these factors have led to the conversion of cargo containers into car parks and garages in many different parts of the world.

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11.              Gymnasiums or Sports Centres

Whether you are looking for temporary gymnasiums additional space for the sports center, shipping containers can provide an inexpensive solution.

Shipping containers have been used as gymnasiums and sports centers in various schools around the world. Apart from its cost-benefits, using shipping containers save manpower and time in the entire construction process.

12.              Cafes

container Cafes photo
Photo by Thomas Gartz

Shipping Containers’ another brilliant use is Café bars, providing much-needed caffeine to those who love cupping sessions.

You will find Shipping container Café everywhere from Hong Kong to the USA. The new street-food market in Dubai is known as the Container Area, where you will find several high-rated cafes constructed inside shipping containers.

Not only does this look extremely appealing, but also helps in reducing container wastage around the world. If more cities accept this concept, then they can make a significant difference in the world.


It is awesome how many uses can be found for these shipping containers, from using them as cafes to transforming them into a school and much more.

If you think we missed out on something or you have transformed a shipping container, tell us about your experience!

Feel free to share your thoughts about it in the comment section below.

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