Letter of Credit Consultancy Services

Complete letter of credit document preparation services. We check the letter of credit, prepare draft documents and control them before the presentation. Work with an experienced letter of credit expert to grow your international business by receiving timely payments.

  • Deferred LC
  • Sight LC
  • SBLC
  • Discrepancy

Project Management Consultancy

We offer to project consultation. This is a customized service. We have served in the energy and power industry.

  • Provides standardization
  • Allows greater flexibility in using project resources across an organization
  • Provides an independent view of progress and status
  • Instils discipline in the project delivery

Supply Chain Management consultancy

  • Demand & supply planning
  • Inventory management

Product Sourcing

We provide ease-in product/material sourcing to companies globally.

We at Sourcing Glow offer services in the following areas;

  • Raw Materials sourcing
  • Sourcing products from Alibaba/TradeIndia
  • Sourcing products from China/Vietnam/India
  • Machinery Sourcing

Shipping Agent

We provide shipping agent service in Bangladesh.

Sales-Marketing representative/Local agent service

Appoint a Local Agent/Country representative for your company in Bangladesh.

We are helping international companies break into the Bangladesh market. We’re committed to not only making your expansion successful but also creating an experience that you enjoy.

We will do the marketing of your product/service, provide market insight, find customers, collect orders, and ensure payment on behalf of your company.

You can avoid your expense of setting up an office here and manpower costs. We work on a commission basis. That’ll also save you a fixed salary expense.

Currently, we are serving the following sectors:

  • Metal/Steel industry
  • Oil & gas sector
  • Commodity
  • Welding & wire processing