Credit Card Fraud Stats – Protect Yourself from Being Scammed [Infographic]

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The key in fighting credit card scammers is vigilance. If you don’t let them steal your credit card information, it won’t happen no matter how hard they try. This is true for both online and physical credit card transactions.

For instance, if you lose your actual credit card, anyone who finds it can use the card right away. Before they do it, you can prevent them by calling your credit card company to immediately cancel the card.

This means that the card if found is automatically useless. To replace the card, head to the bank and process the replacement card.

For online transaction, be careful with sites that don’t look legit. If you think that the site is suspicious, close the tab right away. Better yet, stick with online stores that are already tried and tested. Avoid sites that are more interested in just asking for your credit card to buy stuff instead of helping you pick the exact product or service you need.

Just like the loss of an actual credit card, call your credit card company immediately to cancel your account if you feel like you have been hacked. You will easily notice it if something is wrong with your online transaction if you have previously tried online shopping.

There are a lot of ways for hackers to penetrate your system. If any of your accounts containing your credit card information is hacked, you have no other choice but to cancel the account.

Don’t worry about the cancellation

of the card. Replacement is not that difficult. It might take a while to receive the new credit card, but it is fine. It is better than allowing someone to use your old account while paying for items you didn’t buy.

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Take note that millions of dollars have been lost due to credit card fraud. Don’t let it happen to you. The worst part is that only a few people were brought to justice because of the crime committed. It would be too much to take if you have lost a lot of money and no one goes to jail for the crime.

For more information regarding credit card scam protection, check the infographic below. Learn from other people’s experiences and don’t let these bad people succeed in their plans.

Credit Card Fraud Stats - Protect Yourself from Being Scammed

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