Field 41D and 41A (Available With… By…) in Letter of Credit (LC)

Field 41D in Letter of credit

Last updated on June 3rd, 2021 at 05:14 am

You must be familiar with this field as because it’s mandatory in Letter of Credit MT700 Swift message.

Available With…

It indicates the bank for the presentation of documents. So the beneficiary identifies where the credit will be available upon presentation.

There are two formats:

41A – This is mentioned where the nominated bank is identified by BIC (Bank Identified Code) AKA Swift code.


In the above example, the nominated bank SWIFT code is mentioned. That means the beneficiary has to submit the documents in that bank to get the payment.

41Afield is being used as the bank SWIFT code is mentioned there.

41D – This is mentioned where the nominated bank is identified by name and address.

If the bank is fixed then the bank name and detail address is mentioned. In the case of ‘non-restricted’ type “Any Bank in …” can be mentioned. That means the beneficiary can submit a document to any bank of their country.

If the country is not mentioned then the document can be presented to any bank (borderless).

41D at sight

Here the bank is used “Any Bank in China”. So 41D field is being used.

This is an example of a Letter of Credit at sight.

Another example of Letter of Credit UPAS type. Check below:


In most of the cases advising bank is the negotiating bank/presenting bank if the beneficiary does not use another bank than the advising bank.


This field indicates how the credit is available. It can be either by acceptance, by payment or others.

So, here several options are available.






In the above example, I’ve shown “BY NEGOTIATION”. In case of “at sight L/C” or “UPAS L/C” you can use “BY NEGOTIATION”.

BY PAYMENT also you can use for at sight payment.

I’ve shown some examples from several Import LC’s at Bangladesh where the LC is made available “BY NEGOTIATION” in both cases of “sight LC” and “UPAS (Usance Payable at sight) LC”.

Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts. If you have any confusion of this field, let me know by comment below.

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16 thoughts on “Field 41D and 41A (Available With… By…) in Letter of Credit (LC)

  1. Which will be benefited for beneficiary of sight payment in F41A ” 01. Applicant’ bank by payment or 02. Any bank in Beneficiary county by negotiation.”

    1. Hi Safiul,
      Nice question. There are differences between LC available with “by payment” and “by negotiation”.
      If you received LC available by payment, then normally you will get payment by negotiating documents but you can’t get advance payment by selling documents at a discount at your bank. The complying documents have to be presented at issuing bank or nominated bank counter to get payment.
      In case you have received LC available by negotiation, then you may get payment in advance by negotiating the draft or documents at the nominated bank which is normally at your country. You can also discount the draft, So you have both options.

      I hope you are now clear which method is benefitted for you. Available “by negotiation” is the most suitable for you because you can get payment by negotiation or by discounting.
      also, if you put “any bank” then you can present documents any bank suitable for you.

  2. Hello dear,
    Who can help me to make LC documents very correctly? Thanks in advance!

  3. If L/C is not L/C at sight ( I mean deferred L/C ), which words is suitable : BY NEGOTIATION OR BY PAYMENT?
    Thanks for supporting me.
    Warm regards,

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for your question. You may read my reply to another comment where I”ve described the difference between “by negotiation” and “by payment”. Even for the Deferred L/C the preferred option is “by negotiation”.

    1. Hi Mushir,
      Thanks for the question. In F42A the Drawee identification is mentioned who will draw the ‘drafts’. Applicant’s bank is the drawee of the drafts and identified by FI/ BIC, which means Financial Institute / Bank Identification Code. Bank’s SWIFT code is mentioned in this field to identify the drawee.
      Hope it’s understandable now.

  4. i have received LC with clause 41D available with by “advising bank by negotiation”
    however, LC advised by SCB bank and we want to routine the shipping document through another bank. is it correct or LC opening bank marked discrepancy?
    please advise.

    1. Hi Rehan,
      Thanks for your question. If 41D states “Advising bank by negotiation”, then you have to negotiate docs through advising bank (here SCB). You cannot send docs through another bank. Either that bank will not accept the docs or opening bank will provide discrepancy.
      So the right option is to mention in 41D “Any bank by Negotiation”, then you can receive LC from SCB(or advising bank) and then negotiate in any bank in your country.

  5. Hi Mukit,

    Field 41D in my LC says ‘Any Bank in India, By Negotiation’
    but I want to restrict the payment made by drawee bank to advising bank only without any involvement of intermediary bank.
    Please advise how to proceed.

  6. Thank you for your support. Could you please inform concerning the difference in F41A between by def payment and by acceptance
    Best regards

  7. If we issue a usance LC can 41 D Availabe with any bank by payment is applicable

    if no what is the reason?

  8. Hi Sir, What is the difference between
    41A /available with…by SA Bank by negotiation
    41D/available with…by any Bank by payment.

    1. Hi Sam, I”ve already replied to the same question in Safiul’s comment. pls check the comment section and you will find it. if you have further questions, you can ask here.

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