What Services can a Freight Forwarding Company Offer You?

Services can a Freight Forwarding Company Offer

The shipping world is rising rapidly, and so is the importance of a right freight forwarder or forwarding agent.

It’s because they act as one of the most critical elements in the global supply chain by managing the tasks of assisting and supporting their consumers with the importing and exporting process.

Further, they assure the safe transport of the goods and ensure that they’re delivered to the scheduled warehouse safely and efficiently.

It’s always beneficial to choose a freight forwarding service instead of managing the whole logistics functions in-house or selecting a different logistics partner that prove to be incompetent in dealing with different types of services.

In the shipping industry, many small and medium enterprises don’t possess the right capability and resources to manage overall shipping requirements.

Whereas, most freight forwarders with their knowledge and skills in importing and exporting assists in transporting cargo to any destination more efficiently.

They have all the resources to manage any unexpected circumstances, such as redirected delays or shipments, which helps in saving a lot of time and trouble in transit of goods.

Services offered by freight forwarding company include the following:


They know how to handle varied types of goods by either owning their own warehouses in numerous high traffic locations or lease one in the area.

Preparation of Shipping & Export Documents

Shipping a high volume of goods is just another ordinary day for any freight forwarding company, and hence they possess all the required skills in the shipping documentation as well.

Cargo Insurance/Filling Insurance Claims

With their immense knowledge about the intricacies of shipments, the right freight forwarding company in the UK can help you obtain better insurance coverage for your shipments.

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Moreover, they can assist you in dealing with claiming insurance too (if anything goes wrong with your shipment).

Consolidation of Freight

Most of the freight forwarders master in turning several small shipments into one large shipment at a lower cost.

Booking Cargo Space

When it comes to shipping abroad or other regional domestic markets; being the masters of their business, the freight forwarders know exactly what carriers are best at servicing a location from which they can benefit the most.

Inland Transportation Tracking

When dealing with international air freight services, tracking of the goods becomes one of the most significant tasks.

The freight forwarding firms employ a streamlined process for tracking their shipments while they are in transit by air, rail, or truck.

Many international air freight services also include door to door service, charter aircraft and cargo ships, personal effects in household shipping, freight consulting, transborder shipping by truck or air, and much more.

Advantages of choosing Freight Forwarding Company

Apart from offering numerous complex services, freight forwarders are quite useful in helping out businesses with other factors as well.

Here are a few detailed advantages of using a freight forwarder for your business:

Offering a complex set of services at an ideal cost

When compared to outsourcing logistics solution providers or third-party logistics companies, freight forwarders have an edge over the type of service the former renders.

Moreover, they also offer a specific set of service which is ideal and more cost-effective than any other 3PL company.

Further, these logistics and 3PL companies have a limited scope of service with their work confined to arranging the mode of transportation and does not even issue their own bill of lading.

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On the other hand, freight forwarders with their extensive network of connections and services can quickly negotiate with the carriers to lower the cost of transportation with a high volume of containers they ship.

They can also help you with more efficient freight quotes, cost-effective routes and allow you to deliver the shipment faster and at an ideal price.

Bringing simplicity to industry

The shipping industry deals with a lot of complexities and volatility.

Dealing with all such problems by yourself might lead you into an expensive shipping process or worst situations such as lost shipments.

Having a freight forwarding company by your side will help you in moving the shipments with ease as you’ll be communicating with them and they’ll be handling all the complexities at their end.

Getting the international air freight services for your business will help you save a lot of time, money and even frustrations.

With them, you can eliminate your tasks of tackling different trucking companies, ocean carriers, and air carrier vendors to negotiate the cost and type of services required for safe shipping.

In short, freight forwarders offer flexible, organized and straightforward shipping options for you.

Delivers a Sense of Control

One of the essential aspects of logistics is to manage and organize the business or shipping flow.

Freight forwarding company in the UK thrive at offering their clients a sense of control over any other standard supply chain management company.

They help businesses foresee the risks that might be faced in the future as well as assist them to recover quickly from the loss of shipments.

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3PL services follow a stiff structure with a broader breadth of services. But freight forwarders offer a unique amalgamation of services with the flexibility to deal with the issues that any business experience during the transit.

With the right freight partner, you can modify the shipping plan and ensure all your shipments reach the destination safely and on time.

Moreover, freight forwarders hold an upper hand over the 3PL companies with the level of transparency and networking they offer to their clients.

They even put a personal touch in their service by utilizing an extensive range of networks to quickly trace the issue to its roots, acclaiming solutions first-hand.


The above were some definite advantages of numerous reasons why partnering with freight forwarding is the best thing you can do for your import and export business.

You can now evaluate if their service is what you require for your business to grow and expand in the shipping industry.

It’s challenging to manage a business, primarily if it deals with the import/export of goods. You need to manage all deadlines and deliver the goods on time to all suppliers or consumers around the globe.

With the specialist in shipping and hauling, using a freight forwarding company can help you in taking the load off your mind.

You can then get back to growing your business as they’ll handle your shipment with the required regulation and safety.

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